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Elements Studio NYC was created to combine spirituality with high end fine jewelry. We want our designs to speak to all women; CEO'S, trend setters, yogis, goddesses, mothers, grandmothers, young ladies, teens, tweens and little girls. We believe that women and young ladies enjoy wearing their life stories and want to feel connected to their intentions, through jewelry. Women can desire a spiritual purpose in the universe; while enjoying shiny pretty things. Our pieces are created to remind us that all life depends on earth, air, water and fire; to survive. Air Moves Us, Fire Transforms Us, Water Shapes Us and Earth Heals Us. Elements Studio NYC encourages women to wear jewelry with mindfulness, intention and purpose. Elements Studio NYC uses sustainable practices, which includes using conflict free diamonds, ethically sourced stones and recycled gold.  

Air Moves Us-How would you feel if you could release the heaviness in your heart?

Fire Transforms Us-How would you feel if you had more fire in your life?

Water Shapes Us-How would you feel if your days flowed with ease?

Earth Heals Us-How would it feel to be grounded and centered in your being?

About Rachel and Lori

When you combine a jewelry designer and a spiritual coach, you get Elements Studio NYC. Rachel Frank and Lori Berlinghof are two NYC - Lower East Side women, on a continuous journey to stay grounded and connected to what empowers our Inner Goddess.

Elements Studio NYC is the culmination of two decades of designing, creating and producing jewelry in a process Lori passionately describes as "meditation in motion." Her career began in the South Florida Art Center in Miami Beach, where her one of a kind pieces were featured in W Magazine. In 2000, Lori moved to NYC where she continued to be mentored by two high end designers. She feels it is her social responsibility to use quality and ethically sourced materials for this contemporary, luxury jewelry brand.

Rachel has facilitated movement and meditation classes since 2006. Her focus has become providing people with the tools and beliefs that we can embody our stories and intentions through movement, and now through their accessories. She continues to teach Journey Dance in various NYC locations, as well as offering professional development programs to connect people to spirituality in the workplace. Her training comes from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires.

Together, they aspire to create unique and quality pieces of jewelry that inspire people to "wear their stories" and keep their intentions close to their hearts. Rachel and Lori's greatest source of inspiration is raising their 13 year old daughters to be their best and most powerful selves.. 


Creating Positive Intentions

Each purchase from Elements Studio NYC comes in a gift box and gift wrapped. Included is a pouch containing a sage burning ritual, with instructions how to create a positive intention for wearing your piece.

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