Full (Blood Moon), Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - 11/8

Full (Blood Moon), Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - 11/8

Posted by Rachel and Lori, Elements Studio NYC & Magical Marlen on Nov 7th 2022

The Full Moon on November 8th, 2022 - a total lunar eclipse at 16°00′ Taurus, is intense. Eclipses bring powerful energy and with all the planetary visitors tagging along. This Full Moon party will be quite lively and full of surprises.

Eclipses bring fated and karmic events. This lunar eclipse carries strong planetary energies that are rattling the areas ruled by the sign of Taurus - such as your physical world, foundations, basic needs, money, routines, logical thinking, contentment, comfort, and relationships. Awareness is power. You know what to do.

When rocked, you roll…

The Full Moon opposite Mercury may have you frazzled and confused, muddling your communications - so pause before you communicate. With Mercury aligning opposite Uranus during this lunar eclipse, embrace the polarities of life - without judgment, as you move on to another stage of growth.

The message of this lunar eclipse brings to mind the Japanese proverb, “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.” Like the bamboo, bend and adapt without losing sight of your own growth (goals).

This lunar eclipse continues the story which began during the October 25 New Moon in Scorpio and, like all good stories - it needs conflict. Be patient, focus on stability and security. You now have six months, which is how long the effects of the eclipses are felt, to transcend the challenges and resolve the story with you emerging as the hero.

Luckily, this Full Moon (strengthened by the eclipse and conjunct Uranus) heightens your intuition and psychic powers, allowing easier access to unlock the energies of your God-self. With intentional focused energy, aim at grounding your center - finding inner balance, releasing debilitating energies, healing, and making progress in the fulfillment of your Divine Plan.

Yes, you do have a unique Divine Plan, whether you are aware of it or not. Affirm it. Connect to Source. Ask for your plan to reveal itself. As you are guided to the right circumstances, people, places, and events. Trust that your Divine Plan is blossoming in Divine Order. Trust that you will achieve its fulfillment, and go about your life with absolute Knowing.

Ritual for the Total Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus:

This total eclipse in Taurus is prime for purification. Emotional baggage and physical clutter can prevent you from manifesting. Think about what you really want. What is holding you back? Use the two-week period from this lunar eclipse to clear out the mental, emotional, and physical cobwebs from your life. Purification leads to connection with Source which leads to enlightenment.

A burning ceremony is ideal for purifying and transforming.

Burning Ceremony Tools:

  • Pen and paper
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A metal or glass bowl, or a barbecue grill, or a fireplace, or any place safe to burn.
  • 1. Create a sacred space. Burn incense. Light a candle. Cleanse your aura by waiving the incense around your body or you can use your hands to sweep the aura. Breathe from the heart. With every breath, feel yourself connecting with universal love. As you exhale, feel yourself radiating love to the world. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Send yourself loving energy. Send loving energy to others, even those who may have harmed you.

    2. From a place of love, think about what is holding you back from a life blessed with perfect health, perfect love, perfect wealth, and perfect living. Write it down. Write everything that you wish to release from your life, such as beliefs, conditions, resentments, suffering, past experiences that are standing in the way of your best life. Feelings may rise, allow the tears to flow, these things will no longer have power over you.

    3. You are powerful. You are worthy. You are blessed. Grounded in Faith and Knowing, you are ready to release all the negativity. In a safe space, preferably outdoors to avoid fire hazards, burn the paper. Release. Send love to it as it burns, disintegrating its hold on your life.

    4. You just completed a purification ritual, continue purifying your mind, body, spirit and physical environment. As you continue this process, your unique marvelous destiny will unfold with flashes of inspiration, unexpected fortunate events, opportunities, right relationships, and MAGIC.

    All Our Love,

    Rachel and Lori

    (our Lunar content is inspired by our Spiritual Coach & Guru, Magical Marlen)