Full Moon in Pisces, Diving into Universal Consciousness

Full Moon in Pisces, Diving into Universal Consciousness

Posted by Rachel and Lori, Elements Studio NYC & Magical Marlen on Sep 13th 2022

The Full Moon in Pisces culminates on September 10th, cutting through the planetary noise and reminding us that we are spiritual beings. We are capable of elevating our consciousness to fully merge with the quantum field. It’s about self-actualized empowerment. This Full Moon’s glow is embracing us with cosmic love, beckoning us to awaken to our unlimited power.

The Pisces Full Moon reminds us of our divinity. It shines bright on our creativity and mental agility. This Full Moon is telling us to trust our inner knowing, tap our higher power, act on those flashes of inspiration - and let our hunches guide us to the next step. We are not in a linear timeline-we are super-beings living a dimensional life and love is the catalyst for creation.

Neptune is conjunct this Full Moon in Pisces so your dreams may bring powerful messages and signs. Ask the Universe to reveal its messages to you in your dreams. Keep a dream journal. Do not fall prey to artificial escapes; instead, get high on life. Escape into the beauty of manifesting your true potential and your wildest dreams. You are the artistic creator.

Mercury is retrograde at the time of this Full Moon in Pisces, and will be until October 2nd, but no need to panic. Awareness is key. The havoc that Mercury can cause on communications, travel, and technology is already part of our social fabric and we know what to do. It’s like hurricane preparedness-you put up your shutters, stockpile water, canned goods, and batteries-and wait. Come what may, you are prepared. Like any other Mercury retrograde, we’ll have to cross our t’s and dot our i’s but this retrograde promises to be extraordinary. It’s a call to revisit past dreams, past projects, and even past lovers. Try it all, you never know which one will strike gold. This Mercury retrograde has impulsive trine energy from Mars and optimism from Jupiter, making it the perfect time for adventure and daring. Just don’t get too cocky. Focus. Plan. Strategize.

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Breathe with intention to change your energy. Breathe in, harmonize your breath with your heart. Under the moonlight or visualizing the moon’s rays, breathe in the moon’s love and clarity. As you release it, visualize the energy extending out to the universe. Feel yourself become one with Source, the unified field which is limitless. You are one with bountiful possibilities. Choose your possible realities from a place of love.
  • Egg cleanse. This ancient shamanic ritual has gained popularity on social media and it’s excellent for cleansing your aura from negative and dark energies. You’ll find plenty of source material on how to do it and how to read the egg (once you’ve cleansed yourself).
  • My simplified version: Raw egg. Cleanse the egg with salt water and lemon juice or even Holy Water (if you have some). The egg symbolizes Life, the purity of life. Tell the egg your intention. You want the egg to draw from your body all negativity and evil spirits. Roll the egg all over your body (you can be clothed). Visualize all the darkness being absorbed by the egg. When you are done, you can crack it in a glass of water and interpret it. Or just dump it down the drain or garbage (not in a trafficked area). You are cleansed. Purified.
  • Now go and create your best life!

All Our Love,

Rachel and Lori