Introducing our New Bolt Pendant

Introducing our New Bolt Pendant

Posted by Rachel and Lori, Elements Studio NYC on Oct 25th 2022

Our Bolt Collection keeps growing since we started designing for the David Bowie Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in 2018.

Welcome our new Bolt Pendant, a treasure from our Fire Collection! Fire represents power and intensity, driving us to do what needs to be done and revealing the heat in each one of us. Keeping our hearts burning bright with fiery ambition, let Fire represent what we can accomplish when we set ourselves free from the limitations holding us back. Wear a piece from this collection to remind yourself to live with passion and without regret!

This is a MUST HAVE piece, it is handmade in 10K recycled gold. The pendant is sold separately and has a large ring on top to slide onto most chains. The image attached is our Mini Rolo Chain at 22".