New Moon in Libra - in Perfect Harmony (9/25)

Posted by Rachel and Lori, Elements Studio NYC & Magical Marlen on Sep 23rd 2022

A New Moon occurs when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun. It looks like a tiny sliver. The backside of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun, while we see its shadow from Earth. The New Moon is a great time (each month) for new beginnings, setting intentions and planting seeds for personal growth!

(see our New Moon Ritual below)

The New Moon in Libra on September 25 is a magical time to merge with the limitless providence of the Universe. New Moons are cosmic points to set intentions, new beginnings, and plant the seeds to fulfill your heart’s wishes.

This New Moon at at 2º48 in Libra carries the energy of the Sabian Symbol of Libra 3: THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY REVEALS EVERYTHING CHANGED. It heralds swift, life-changing transformations - opening a new chapter in your life charmed with abundance of love and prosperity.

This Libra New Moon creates breakthroughs in consciousness and invites you to tap into your inner-knowing-your God-self. Find your still point, reset, rebalance, create.

This New Moon follows the autumn equinox; bringing to the forefront the intricate polarities of life and their purpose in creating perfect balance. Embrace the polarities-life, death, rebirth, light, darkness, the giving and receiving. Attune yourself with the harmonious balance of nature. Trust your inner compass.

With the New Moon in Libra, communications and relationships are significant. With this New Moon alongside Mercury trine Pluto, we are compelled to go deep. Libra is about diplomacy and getting along with other people but it begins with honesty. Take a good look at yourself. With Libra’s need for justice, choose to build and attract committed relationships that elevate all those involved.

Vibrate with love, balance, and harmony and you will attract the people and circumstances that resonate to your frequency.

Like the Elements (Earth, Air, Water & Fire) support each other in a combined reality - look at how you can use them to create an enhanced new version of yourself. Let the Elements provide greater harmony in your life and in your relationships. Learn how to consciously work with the four elements, expressing the highest attributes of each Element in your daily life.

This Libra New Moon is also about beauty and luxury. Treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry, art, a performance or anything that will remind you that you deserve the finer things in life.

The Crescent Moon is a perfect expression of the duality of this New Moon in Libra. It represents both the waxing phase after the New Moon and the waning phase after the Full Moon. The Crescent Moon symbol can serve as a conduit for the powers generated during your Moon spiritual practice. The waxing crescent moon begins after the New Moon, and lasts for about seven days. On the New Moon, set your intentions! For the following seven days, connect to the energy of the crescent moon - anchoring your commitment to grow your dreams and manifest your new reality. Meditate on your goals and take daily action.

Ritual for this New Moon in Libra

As always, prepare for your spiritual practice. Synchronize your breath with your heart. Radiate love to the universe. Light a candle or some incense. Surround yourself with white light.

Recreate the sacred geometry shape of Vesica Piscis - which resonates with balance and creation. You can draw it or you can delineate the shape with crystals, beads, flowers, rocks, leaves-whatever your heart tells you to use. Get creative!

Once you have the Vesica Piscis symbol, meditate on its sacred symbolism of perfect creation. Visualize what you want to manifest aligned in harmony with your higher purpose.

Write your intentions and New Moon wishes in your magical Moon journal!

Give thanks to the universe and the cosmic energies.

Take action with the power of the crescent moon and step into your new motivation!