New Moon Solar Eclipse October 25th

New Moon Solar Eclipse October 25th

Posted by Rachel and Lori, Elements Studio NYC & Magical Marlen on Oct 25th 2022

The New Moon on October 25 in the sign of Scorpio is aligned with a partial solar eclipse which amplifies this New Moon’s power, making it an extraordinary time for writing new storylines for your life. This pairing with Venus energy, can enhance your intentions with an extra dose of magic. This New Moon is still under the influence of the rare Venus Cazimi in Libra on October 22, which opened our hearts to love, beauty, and harmony. Coming from a place of love, this New Moon heralds a time to remove all negativity and begin fresh, from a place of spiritual and physical healing.

The effects of a solar eclipse last for almost six months. On this New Moon in Scorpio, set your intentions for new projects and beginnings that support your whole being. Release the thought-patterns and destructive behaviors that stand in the way of fulfilling your heart’s desires.

The energy of this New Moon is prompting you to break free from your comfort zone. Take inventory of your life, your relationships, your job, your possessions, and your habits. As organizing expert Marie Kondo advises, ask yourself, “Does it bring me joy?” If it doesn’t, it’s time to get real. Let go of the fear and dare to step forward to a fresh start. Be bold and creative in planning your future.

This New Moon is also about empowerment. Get off cruise-control. You are at the wheel, find new roads to your destiny.

This Scorpio New Moon is soulmate centered, imploring you to go deep in your relations, tending to your heart and soul. It’s about fated connections and soulmate relationships, merging energies to create mutual blessings. The Scorpio energy of this New Moon is passionate and carries a powerful creative force: sexuality.

Raise your vibrations to love. Pamper yourself. Allows for others to indulge you. Seek the help of others, giving them the opportunity to create good karma for themselves - it’s a win-win.

Think pleasure and fun. Find internal and external ways of lifting your self-esteem. Connect to your heart-center and know that you are worthy of love, perfect health, pure joy, and prosperity. Welcome a renewal of your spirit and state of affairs. Be willing to let go of comfort that has morphed into stagnation, when deep in your heart you are yearning for so much more.

Regenerate and transform.

This solar eclipse New Moon is ideal for creativity and artistic pursuits. Use this burst of energy and CREATE. Focus. With a kiss from Venus and lucky Jupiter, you are GOLDEN. Follow your heart, but self-mastery is the key.

This New Moon is activating your charisma and sense of beauty. Adorn yourself and your surroundings. Our pieces are beautiful and symbolic. Archetypal symbols are engrained in our universal consciousness, working as focal points of energy. Surround yourself with symbols that empower you, serving as reminders of your commitment to this new kick-ass version of yourself.

New Moon Ritual for October 25, 2022

Harnessing the power of this New Moon and partial solar eclipse, here’s a treat to plant the seeds of your New Moon intentions:


Mini pumpkin, square piece of brown paper bag, honey, cinnamon powder or essential oil, gold glitter, soy candle.

1. Carve the top of the mini pumpkin. Create a small hole in the center.

2. Enter a meditative space. Burn incense. Breathe from your heart center. Raise your vibration to love. Feel gratitude. Get excited with this new chapter of your life.

3. Write your intentions and wishes on the piece of brown paper bag. Read them out-loud with feeling and anticipation. Feel the joy of this new life!

4. Fold and place the paper inside your mini pumpkin.

5. Add the honey. As you pour the honey, voice your intention for a sweet path toward the realization of your goals.

6. Add the cinnamon which serves to attract love and good luck. Voice your intention.

7. Add the gold glitter. Voice your intention for golden riches, spiritual and material.

8. Seal the magic of your manifestation ritual by melting the soy candle over it.

9. Place the top of the pumpkin. Seal it with the melted soy candle wax. Give thanks to the Universe.

10. Now you can literally plant your mini pumpkin in the ground, or offer it to a river, or stream.

Feel the Magic and take action! Don’t wait!

All Our Love,

Rachel and Lori

(our Lunar content is inspired by our Spiritual Coach & Guru, Magical Marlen)