I admired the pink moon necklace on Lori and found myself drawn to it at a trunk show. To compliment the necklace, the elements ladies suggested wonderful little pink gold snakes on posts. I wore the trio on a solo trip abroad and felt happy and stylish every day. The pieces were a gift to myself and are filled with the energy and love Lori and Rachel put in all their jewelry.


I love the delicate gold double sided diamond heart necklace my husband purchased with Rachel’s help from Elements Studio. Glad I didn’t have to pick a piece myself as I would have had a hard time selecting between all the beautiful pieces they offer. The necklace was chosen for my anniversary and it makes me feel loved and special. I have worn it most days since I got it.

xo Leslie

"I have several pieces from Elements Studio, but my favorite piece is my "to the moon and back" necklace. My husband bought it for me for Valentine's Day and I absolutely treasure it. Besides it being special to me because it was a gift, it is such a gorgeous piece! I get compliments on it all the time, and it gives me an opportunity to tell people about Lori and Rachel, the amazing designers. I thought I would wear it for special occasions, but I wear it everyday. Even though it is a substantial piece- made of solid gold so it has some weight to it, I love it with t-shirts as well as when I'm dressed up. It is truly a remarkable piece of jewelry that i know I will enjoy wearing forever!"

xo allison

I am in love with my “VIPER” necklace. It feels as if has become a part of me and inspires me to feel sexy and sensual. Thank you Elements Studio NYC for making it so easy to create an important intention for myself.

-Sasha Safdiah

I've been thinking of proposing for quite some time now. I called Elements Studio in search of the most perfect ring for my best friend and the love of my life. Rachel provided not only the perfect ring, but helped me find out my girlfriends ring size without ruining the surprise! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Looking forward to the look on her face when I pop the question. I highly recommend buying from Elements Studio, they are amazing.

-Matt Thomas

I had the privilege of attending a private mini trunk show with Rachel, from Elements Studio. It was wonderful to get to see the work with one of the artists. Rachel was able to give me insight into the pieces and their inspiration, as well as Rachel and Lori’s process and materials, which made the experience very special. She was totally willing to spend the time with me to talk about what I’m looking for, and the ways in which they could customize pieces to fit my preferences and lifestyle. I just placed the order for my first piece!

-Michelle Stern